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June/July Issue

President General Message

 Jamie Likins

           On 10 May, Charleston 4 of South Carolina Division and SCV Secession 4 Camp held their Confederate Memorial Service at Magnolia Cemetery with Ex-President General June Wells officiating. It was an honor to bring Greetings from our General Organization.  Thank you, Glenda Knight, for chauffeuring me around.

         At Annapolis, on 22nd of May, I presented Midshipman First Class Alexander J. Pybus our Award in honor of Commodore Matthew Fontaine Maury for the Outstanding Student of physics.

         Flying from Annapolis to Colorado Springs, Colorado, I presented our Award on the 26th of May for the Outstanding Cadet in Basic Sciences Award to Cadet Colonel Rachel Kennedy in honor of Lt. Gen. Claire Lee Chenault, founder of the famed “Flying Tigers”. Rachel will be going into the field of medicine. The United States Air Force Academy was celebrating their 60th year.

         It was also time to visit with two of my High School Classmates, Col. Patty Chappell (Retired) USAF Nurse and Terry Sheffield.

         Friday, May 30th, I flew to Nashville, Tennessee, where Jeanell Kutterer picked me up from the airport to drive me to Fairview, Kentucky, birthplace of our President Jefferson Davis, for two days of celebrating including judging a Period Dress Pageant, attending the Ladies Tea, going up in the elevator of the impressive Jefferson Davis Monument, and installing officers of the Captain Nathaniel A Wesson 2396.

         Linda Fritz, Tennessee Division President, and her husband, Bill, were such gracious hosts while I stayed in their lovely home and a HUGE “thank you” to all the Daughters of Tennessee who presented me with many wonderful gifts that I will cherish.

         On Sunday, 1 June, we gathered at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Nashville for Confederate Memorial Day and to place flowers on the grave of our founder, Mrs. Caroline Meriwether Goodlett.  Thanks to my grandson, John Michael Klinkenberg, I was able to arrive on time for my flight that afternoon to fly back home.

“United We Stand”

“Little Sorrel” Rides Again

   Introduce all of the children in your life to
General "Stonewall" Jackson's favorite horse, "Little Sorrel"! This unique, high-quality cuddly, stuffed animal is waiting in the UDC Memorial Building "stable" in hopes he can yet help the Cause. When you purchase him for $25.95, which includes shipping and handling, all profits will be used to purchase filing cabinets for our Business Office. (Flags not included) With weighted "bean-bag" hooves, “Little Sorrel” is a
10" tall "flip-flop" plush sure to become a collectors' item, adored by kids of all ages; and, if you order one for yourself, he won't tell! Supplies are limited. Find General Jackson's favorite steed under "Gift Items" on the 2014 UDC Supplies and Gifts Price list.

Memorial Building Unexpected Expenses

          Front Brick Walkway           Left Brick Walkway

   At the 2013 Spring Board, we experienced a drain problem in the men’s bathroom and this year at Spring Board, the ladies bathroom and the kitchen plumbing required extensive repair and replacement of pipes. Since the Commonwealth of Virginia would not allow us to lay the pipe in a less expensive route, it necessitated our brick walkway in front of the building being torn up and redone    (Remember, we own the land where our Memorial Building is built, but do not own the land around our building.) The old pipes were terra cotta and crumbled forcing us to replace everything.

   The total cost of repairing and replacing both the drainage system and our brick walkway will be over $70,000.00. We are asking for donations, which are tax deductible, to offset these expenses and all donors’ names will be published in our magazine under three categories:

$1,000- General
$500 – Lieutenant
$100 – Private

We have a beautiful Memorial Building and we want to ensure it remains so.

Sesquicentennial Plate

   Our beautiful Sesquicentennial Plate will soon be available at a cost of $115.00 each. This price includes a commemorative box and shipping and handling. Limited numbered edition of 300 plates will be produced. These plates will be available for sale through 2015.

   They may be pre-ordered with checks made
out to “Treasurer General UDC” and please
note on check “Sesquicentennial Plate(s)”.

   The cream rimmed plate is a gold custom
design created to commemorate the
Sesquicentennial of the War Between the States. Cotton bolls and magnolias, both symbols of the South, surround the center tribute to the Great Seal of the Confederacy.


The United Daughters of the Confederacy is the outgrowth of many local memorial, monument, and Confederate home associations and auxiliaries to camps of United Confederate Veterans that were organized after the War Between the States. It is the oldest patriotic organization in our country because of its connection with two statewide organizations that came into existence as early as 1890 -- the Daughters of the Confederacy (DOC) in Missouri and the Ladies' Auxiliary of the Confederate Soldiers Home in Tennessee.

The National Association of the Daughters of the Confederacy was organized in Nashville, Tenn., on September 10, 1894, by founders Mrs. Caroline Meriwether Goodlett of Nashville and Mrs. Anna Davenport Raines of Georgia. At its second meeting in Atlanta, Ga., in 1895, the Organization changed its name to the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The United Daughters of the Confederacy was incorporated under the laws of the District of Columbia on July 18, 1919.
The objects of the organization are Historical, Educational, Benevolent, Memorial and Patriotic:

  • To collect and preserve the material necessary for a truthful history of the War Between the States and to protect, preserve, and mark the places made historic by Confederate valor
  • To assist descendants of worthy Confederates in securing a proper education
  • To fulfill the sacred duty of benevolence toward the survivor of the War and those dependent upon them
  • To honor the memory of those who served and those who fell in the service of the Confederate States of America
  • To record the part played during the War by Southern women, including their patient endurance of hardship, their patriotic devotion during the struggle, and their untiring efforts during the post-War reconstruction of the South
  • To cherish the ties of friendship among the members of the Organization

Membership is open to women no less than 16 years of age who are blood descendants, lineal or collateral, of men and women who served honorably in the Army, Navy or Civil Service of the Confederate States of America, or gave Material Aid to the Cause. If you are interested in joining, please fill out our contact form below.

150  Years

This updated web page is a project of the "150 Years of Remembrance Committee"
to commemorate the Sesquicentennial of the War Between the States.

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