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UDC Business Office, 328 North Blvd., Richmond, VA 23220-4009
Phone:804-355-1636 Fax:804-353-1396

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Chapters Where No Division


     Phoenix- Thunderbird Chapter 2102
     Prescott- Johnny Reb Chapter 2674
     Tempe- Dixie Chapter 1679


Colorado Springs: Margaret Howell Davis

Hayes Chapter 2652

Seaford: Caleb Ross Chapter 2635

Chicago: Chicago Chapter 858

Downer's Grove: Seven Confederate

Knights Chapter 2625

Mt. Vernon: Martha Leah Turner Chapter
Cicero: General Nathan Bedford Forrest

       Chapter 2597


Indianapolis: John Hunt Morgan Chapter

Ladies of the Plains Chapter 2696
Cowskin Prairie 2702, Baxter Springs, KS
Detroit: Stars and Bars Chapter 2073

Howell: Thomas Ryan Chapter 2689

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Fallon: Roger C. Vaughan Chapter 2617

Las Vegas: Joseph Moore Graham 2663

New Jersey

Bedminster: Isaac W.K. Handy 2658
New Mexico
Albuquerque: Nora Mitchell McDowell Chapter 2228

Las Cruces: Gen. Joe Wheeler Chapter 966


Portales: Ellen W. Jones Chapter 1022
Philadelphia: Philadelphia Chapter 972

Salt Lake City: Robert E. Lee Chapter 737

Salt Lake City: Gen. Albert S. Johnston Chapter 2697

Seattle: Robert E. Lee Chapter 885



Wisconsin Dells: Belle Boyd Chapter 2687


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have a Website, please contact UDC Headquarters (

Your inquiry will be forwarded to the appropriate person.


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